«Girls in science»

“The Rosa Otunbayeva Initiative” International Public Foundation began its work within the framework of the UNICEF Ilimdegikyz (Girls in Science) project. Within the framework of the three-year project, the Foundation intends to conduct an analysis of education policy for the STEM component (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The state of school and extracurricular education in Kyrgyzstan is defined as the object of the research. The subject of the research is the presence of ideas and components of STEM education in key documents, on the basis of which the system of school and extracurricular education functions in the country, as well as extent to which they take into account and comply with the requirements of gender sensitivity. The material on the organization of STEM education in the world will be studied, an analysis of education policy in the Kyrgyz Republic will be carried out, it is planned to study and recommendations will be made on the following areas and strategic documents: - STEM education in the Education Development Strategy of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2012-2020; - STEM education in the State Educational Standard of School Education in Kyrgyzstan; - STEM education in the Basic Educational Plan of Kyrgyzstan; - STEM education in subject standards, model programs and educational - methodological complexes of natural science, mathematics and technology education in schools of Kyrgyzstan; - STEM education in extracurricular education of Kyrgyzstan and STEM education in the draft Education Development Strategy of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2020-2040. The project will analyze the labor market, market needs, business environment and key actors of women's entrepreneurship and will establish partnerships to identify gender balance in hiring. Analysis of state policy on job creation in the field of STEM, the study of the system of training in the field of STEM, the prospects of development of STEM industries, and the results of the labor market analysis will be used to inform education sector policies and programs to improve education in the field of STEM. The women's business associations and businesses studied and selected under the project will provide mentoring services for girls in targeted schools in Bishkekand Osh cities, Alamedin and Ysyk-Ata districts of Chui province. Involved business associations and individual entrepreneur mentors will improve their knowledge and skills of effective mentoring. A "Mentor Guide" will be developed for them, and training sessions will be conducted so that in the future they will competently support girls in STEM. It is planned that as a result of the implementation of all measures, at least three thousand girls who passed the mentoring course will realize the advantage of choosing STEM and continue their career or education in STEM. A database of STEM teachers will be prepared, guidelines and training modules will be developed for them, and they will subsequently prepare 400 girls from pilot schools in Bishkek city, Osh and Chui Oblast for National Testing through STEM courses. A series of trainings, meetings, and roundtables will be held. To provide informational support for the project, 4 videos will be created to promote STEM for girls and eliminate gender stereotypes, and a book titled "Success Stories" will be published.

Project goals:

The programme aims to engage at least 15,000 girls from poor areas, with a focus on girls affected by migration and from vulnerable backgrounds, in a peer training sessions by 2022 so that they can make informed career choices in Information & Communication Technologies as well as Science, Engineering and Math and have the required skills to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty affecting their families and communities.

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Анализ рынка труда в сфере STEM
Анализ Государственного образовательного стандарта среднего общего образования КР
Анализ Базисного учебного плана школьного образования Кыргызской Республики
Анализ предметных стандартов и учебных программ предметов математической, естественнонаучной и технологической образовательных областей школьного образования

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