Fund activities

The Foundation operates in four priority areas:

  • Investing in Future Generation;
  • Unity in Diversity;
  • Democratic Governance;
  • Sustainable Development.

In these areas, the Foundation promotes initiatives that offer innovative ideas and approaches to contribute to the development processes of society and the younger generation.

For four years, the Foundation has actively promoted and assisted the Government in prioritizing the issues of early child development, providing warm meals for all primary school children, and planting trees and plants in the country`s schools.

The Foundation focuses especially on the education sector, in its various aspects, such as: early child development, the use of information technology, the participation of women and girls in science and technology, environmental education, the creation of various communication platforms, the exchange of knowledge and experience, the exchange of information nationwide.

Much attention is paid by the Foundation to supporting the level of accessibility of art, music, literature and folk crafts, both for children and for the general public.

Since its establishment, the Foundation has initiated and implemented throughout the country, together with various partners, over 30 projects reaching hundreds of thousands of people.