More than 1,000 trees were planted to improve the ecology of the capital

April 6, 2021, 09:41

On April 6, 2021, the “Rosa Otunbayeva Initiative” Public Foundation, together with Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank, Aga Khan Development Organization and Kumtor Operating Company, planted 1,000 young trees and shrubs in the new Kindergarten №11 in the center of Bishkek.

In order to maintain the microclimate in schools and kindergartens, "Green Foundation" annually plants more than a thousand new saplings. Green plants release oxygen and regulate the temperature of the air, clean toxins, and provide a favorable microclimate for the capital city.

In her welcoming speech, former President Roza Otunbayeva, said that the "Green Foundation" has been engaged in greening educational institutions in the capital for six to seven years."The need for greening is very high. When new schools are opened, only the building is put into operation, and with the old schools, there are very old trees; almost no one is engaged in the restoration of the trees. Rosa Isakovna also noted the "Rosa Otunbayeva Initiative" Foundation pays special attention to environmental education and early development of children: "Together, with this greenery, our children grow. Educators can tell them about the importance of plants in human life. Now the whole planet is suffocating, and we all need greenery. We all need air, and I'm sure this project has a great future".

The first tree planting within the Green Foundation project took place in 2012, by today we have jointly planted over 14,000 saplings, said Bektur Aliyev, Chairman of the Board of KICB: "The project aims to protect the environment and create favorable conditions for living in the country. Our initiative on tree planting is taking place at pre-school and school institutions, and it is not by chance. Through planting and taking care of trees and green areas, we teach the younger generation, from childhood, environmental values and respect for nature. Thousands of trees and bushes planted under the project have been growing for many years and are providing the city, its residents-and first and foremost- our children, with clean air. The aim of the "Green Foundation" project is to make Kyrgyzstan greener and environmentally friendly, to encourage the public to respect nature, and provide to the future generations a green city.

In addition to the main grant for greening, the KICB also made a gift to the kindergarten by providing computer equipment.