Year 2016: "Children's Philharmoniс"

October 20, 2022, 00:34

"Children's Philharmoniс" is a new format of family cultural recreation, a series of concerts for children and adults with a music-educational format. The aim of this project is to form musical knowledge and competences in children, teenagers and young people, to develop their aesthetic taste and to promote their personal growth and development of their musical culture.

From May to December, six presentation concerts were held, entitled "All about waltz", "Music of the splendid century", "Brass parade", "Drum show", "Music of Ala-Too", and a New Year presentation concert, "Winter fairy tale".

The Children's Philharmonic Society has become a source of leisure activities for children and enables them to familiarize children with the art of music, and to develop new forms of concert organization in the form of lectures, presentations, master classes, participation in orchestra rehearsals and communication with famous musicians of Kyrgyzstan. The programmes of meetings are based on the best international experience and take into account the interests of children and adolescents and are held regularly.

The audience for the concerts held has reached more than 5,000 children and adults. Music teachers from schools in Bishkek have also attended the concerts.

It should be noted only five out of six presented concerts were supported by the project. The sixth concert and the continuation of the Children's Philharmonic Society in 2017, was done without budgetary support and on a financially self-sustaining basis.