Year 2014: The Second Festival of Education

April 12, 2022, 06:44

The purpose of the second Festival of Education in 2014 was:

o   to revive the value, importance and priority of education in society through providing a public platform for communication and new information;

o   expert discussion of the problems of scientific, technical, engineering and vocational education, information and communication technologies in Kyrgyzstan,

o   exchange of experiences in developing innovative techniques and technologies, including the involvement of carriers of traditional ecological knowledge.

The 2014 Festival included festive events, educational fairs, professional forums, master classes, trainings, meetings and excursions.

On the day one, the Kyrgyz State Technical University, named after I. Razzakov (co-organizer of the Festival), hosted:

o   presentation of projects by the participants of the international competition, "We are Intellectuals of the XXI Century",

o   scientific and technical Olympiad held by the Republican Children's Engineering Academy, "Altyn Tuiyun",

o   presentation of innovative projects in education and the "History of Success" platform, scientific quiz for 11th grade students.

On the day two, events were held simultaneously in the Old Square, Oak Park Gallery, State Museum of History, and the Seitek National Center for Children and Youth, and American University in Central Asia.

Four fairs were held in the Old Square: Education Fair, Town of Craftsmen, Book Fair, and Flower Fair. In addition, there was a competition, "Dad, Mum, and I are a Technical Family". There were master classes in aeromodelling and sandgraphy, a bubble show, and a chemistry  show. The day-long exhibition, film screenings, performances, concert performances and workshops on traditional ecological knowledge, took place in the State Historical Museum, organised by foundations and centres involved in the revival, development and promotion of traditional knowledge in nature and culture. Most of them were supported by the Christensen Fund.

In keeping with good tradition, the Festival was accompanied by various flash mobs, dance battles, festive concerts and theatre productions, circus performances, sports and intellectual games.

More than 15,000 Bishkek residents, including newcomers and guests from other regions of Kyrgyzstan, attended the Festival events.

In addition, an interactive museum exhibition on traditional ecological knowledge for children in the Zoological Museum of the Biological and Soil Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic was created as part of the project. It aimed to spread, preserve and promote traditional ecological knowledge of the Kyrgyz people and intensify museum activities. The museum received technical equipment to organise master classes for children.