Interactive sessions on the theme "Girls: Peace and Safety"

March 5, 2022, 00:09

Interactive sessions on March 4 were held for girls at schools in Bishkek and housing districts around Bishkek on the theme "Girls: Peace and Safety".

Rasmiya Kazimova, Deputy Ambassador of the OSCE Program Office in Bishkek; and Sylvie Hill, Child Protection Specialist, spoke at the opening of the interactive session.

During the first "Know Your Rights" session, Saniya Toktogozieva, Associate Professor at AmercianUniversity in Central Asia (AUCA), told the girls about basic knowledge of their rights, in particular what the Constitution is and what rights it guarantees.

Ismail Karypov, from Internews, talked to the girls during the second session about digital rights, ethical norms of behaviour in social media, etc.

Video blogger, Eldana Satybaldieva, whose presentation was eagerly awaited by all participants, spoke not only about safety in the media space, but also about her path to success. And Gulaim Grini talked to the girls about the women's movement.

The interactive part contained two parts: The art of collaging and making posters with Noura Kupueva, and Digital security competition by Ismail Karypov.

The interactive sessions took place within the framework of UNICEF's "Girls in Science" project, supported by the OSCE Program Office in Bishkek, and coincided with International Women's Day on 8 March.