Year 2013: Promoting Pre-school Education

February 15, 2022, 20:56

Education is one of the most important fields in the life of the younger generation, because the future of the country is children. This generation must receive a good upbringing, in addition to a decent education, which will further contribute to the development of harmonious and intelligent personalities - true patriots of their homeland!

Active work to promote pre-school education continued in 2013. In 2013 the Foundation worked actively to introduce a compulsory year-long preschool program guaranteed for children who do not attend a children's educational institution.

It was worked out that the annual program “First Step to School” (480 hours) needed to be introduced at state level for the child's full development and preparation for school.

Additionally and importantly, the Foundation was consistent in drawing attention to increasing pre-school enrolment, it will be necessary to develop modern models of pre-school education, such as short-stay kindergartens, community kindergartens, jailoo kindergartens and other diverse models, which have proven their worth in Kyrgyzstan.

Jailoo summer kindergartens are one of the flexible, effective forms of education and socialization of children, which are well installed in mountainous areas, and have a positive response among villagers and produce positive results during the school year. Therefore, in 2013 the work on the dissemination and popularisation of these pre-school approaches was continued. Trainings were conducted, during the year, to activate local communities in solving pre-school education issues by their own efforts, which included seminars to discuss the experience of establishing Jailoo kindergartens in Kyrgyzstan, and ways to improve preschool education.