Training being conducted for the project «Creating appropriate meals for schools in the Kyrgyz Republic» in Batken and Osh

October 21, 2015, 06:00

Trainings for the UN World Food Programme project “Creating appropriate meals for schools in the Kyrgyz Republic” are being held in Batken and Osh Oblasts October 16th-20th. The trainings are directed towards improving school meals for primary school children. The “Initiative of Roza Otunbayeva” International Public Foundation is one of the UN World Food Programme partners implementing the project.


The goals of the trainings are to increase awareness of the implemention of the optimization of school food programs in local communities (including local independent leadership bodies, parents and activists), and helping to improve transparency in the organization of purchasing food products for the Kyrgyz Republic pilot schools participating in the food program project.


The October 16th-17th trainings were held in Leilek Rayon, Ak-Bulak Village region at the Ak-Bulak School, and Batken Rayon, Kar-Bak Village region at Bainazarov School. Trainings were also held in Kadamjai Region, Halmion Village region at T. Satylganov School and in Kadamjai City at A. Masaliev School. In total, 37 people attended the trainings.


On October 19th trainings were held in Nookat Rayon, Kok-Jar Village region at Mamytov School, and in Alai Rayon Gulcho Village region at Kadyrmamat uulu Abdrazak School.


A training will also be held October 20th in Ozgon Rayon Myrzake Village region at Kalmyrzaev School.


To remind everyone: These trainings were held on October 9th in Issyk-Kul Oblast, Tup Rayon and in Chui Oblast, Panfilov Rayon. Overall 71 people attended the trainings.








The project “Creating appropriate meals for schools in the Kyrgyz Republic” provides the opportunity to create conditions for actions that directly improve school meals. The expected outcome is to instill improved positive public views on national school food program policy. Within that the objectives are: raising the responsibility of parents in the organization of school meals; raising the responsibility of local, independent leadership bodies for creating appropriate conditions and infrastructure of school cafeterias; increasing the requirements of parents and administrators in organizing subsistance farmers near the schools, and improving the effectiveness of purchases made for school meals. Local independent leadership bodies, school administrations, rayon education offices, parent committees, counselors, local community leaders, local advisors and village health committees are attending the trainings.