UN envoy for Afghanistan meets with Iran deputy FM

May 13, 2024, 08:32

Roza Otunbayeva, the United Nations representative for Afghanistan, met with Ali Bagheri, the Iranian Foreign Minister’s Deputy for Political Affairs, to discuss the latest developments in Afghanistan and the upcoming Doha Forum.


During the meeting, Bagheri said: “By comparing the conditions in Afghanistan at the time of America's entry to those at its departure, one can conclude the extent to which America's presence has contributed to spreading insecurity and instability, and increasing the threat of terrorism and drug production in Afghanistan.”


Bagheri emphasized that the approach of international organizations in Afghanistan should be on prioritizing the interests of the Afghan people by securing the country’s safety, fostering development, and improving living conditions and welfare.


He said: “The necessary groundwork should be laid for Afghans who have studied and acquired skills abroad, including in Iran, to return to Afghanistan and utilize their capacities to help rebuild the country."


Furthermore, Bagheri highlighted the responsibility of Western countries, particularly the United States, to compensate for the damages inflicted on Afghanistan and the region over the past two decades.

He underscored the United Nations' role in facilitating peace and stability in Afghanistan and noted the indispensable role and potential of Afghanistan's neighboring countries in this process.


The United Nations representative, for her part, acknowledged the complexity of the situation in Afghanistan, the diversity of actors, and their varying stances. She stressed the need for coordinated efforts among regional and extra-regional countries to support Afghanistan’s development and stability. She also requested the Islamic Republic of Iran's assistance in fostering constructive engagement between regional players and Afghanistan's interim government.