«Eco-Selfie» and «Eco-Photo Hunt» contest winners

October 20, 2015, 06:00

On September 20th, 2015 (Saturday), the judges held their meeting to determine the winners of the “Eco-Selfie” and “Eco-Photo Hunt” contest. Ten people were chosen to receive the following prizes:

“Eco-Selfie” contest – 3 people;

“Eco-Photo Hunt” contest – 7 people.

The panel of judges was as follows:

1. “Prego” family restaurant branch director Aijan Chynybaeva

2. “YRYSTAN” Public Foundation director Dmitrii Vetoshkin

3. Kyrgyz Republic Photojournalist Union representative Roman Gainanov

4. “Think Globally – Act Locally: Improving ecological responsibility among children and youth” Eco-project PR manager Mariya Kolesnikova.

The judges chose the winners based on the following criteria:

- how close the photo fit the theme of the contest

- originality

- photo quality

It should be said that the technical quality of many of the contestant’s submissions was not that great. However, most of the submissions were intersting, and among them the following were the winners:

“Eco-Selfie” Contest:

1st place: Nurset Bakirov

2nd place: Mariya and Victoria Naumova

3rd place: Temirbek Alymbekov

“Eco-Photo Hunt” Contest:

1st place: Aida Nurmanbetova

2nd place: Irina Romanovskaya

3rd place: Mariya Naumova

4th place: Reihana Turdieva

5th place: Gulaiym Donbaeva

Honorary mention: Nurzat Sulaimanova

Honorary mention: Sapargul Abdinabieva

The awards ceremony for the winners will be October 24th at the G. Aitiev Art painting museum where the contestants’ best work will be displayed.

“Eco-Selfie” and “Eco-Photo Hunt” contests are part of the “Think Globally – Act Locally: Improving ecological responsibility among children and youth” eco-project administered by The “Initiative of Roza Otunbayeva” International Public Foundation together with “YRYSTAN” Stable Community Development Public Foundation and the Kyrgyzstan Photojournalist Union.

The contests were supported by the following:

- “Prego” family restaurant (www.prego.kg)

“Prego” in the Italian language means decorum. This type of Italian restaurant is very common for Italy, but a very unique kind of restuarant for Bishkek.

- “RIO Social Dance School” Social Dance School (www.facebook.com/rio.sds)

One of the best places in Kyrgyzstan that teaches social dance. But it doesn’t just teach – it radiates good vibes and good impressions!

- “Libro” book store (www.libro.kg)

Libro is not just an office, professional and business literature Internet-store. This team’s highest duty is delivering fantastic customer service.

- “Good Food” healthy food shop (www.facebook.com/Goodfood-Bishkek-460366104086950)

Where the cafe’s slogan is “Made today – Sold today,” you know that all the food is prepared fresh in the morning and sold before day’s end. Good Food – always clean, always fresh.