Lecture given in Bishkek on flower gardens for children

September 30, 2015, 06:00

A meeting was held with Gozel Kuljabaeva, the founder of “Gulistan” nursery in Almaty, September 23rd. In Gozel Kuljabaeva’s words, she had been dreaming of starting the nursery for a long time. In this open area, the best trees have grown, and all kinds of varieties of trees, bushes and flowers from around the world grow here.


People from dozens of schools in Almaty and the rest of Kazakhstan come to Gulistan for field trips and picnics. Gozel Kuljabaeva was honored by UNESCO for her science education work. Flowers and plants are given away as gifts to schools who come to the nursery. The purpose of this is by helping, adults and children may get the idea to plant their own gardens, and by helping it may create landscaping in city squares. It plays a very important role in spreading seeds and improving the ecology here since Kazakhstan has very few fields zoned for plant life.


Besides tending the nursery, Ms. Kuljabaeva also works with professionals to publish educational books for children. These beautifully colored books on plant life are published in the Kazakh language. Those reading the books are Kazakh, so for spreading the names of plants in the Kazakh language, the names of the plants have been translated from Russian or Latin into Kazakh. The work is very important to be able to bring back names that have been forgotten in the Kazakh language.


The lecture’s participants were all Bishkek and Naryn JOJ biology department representatives, Botanical Gardens staff, educators from schools and kindergartens, and journalists. They all accepted the invitation to Gulistan garden.


As can be seen from the example set by our Kazakh neighbors, even one person can create a wonderful garden. In turn, the organizers of the meeting, The “Initiative of Roza Otunbayeva” Foundation hope that this will inspire a popular place for all kinds of people, students and children to come to walk and relax.