Media about us: In the Naryn region a feature opening of the kindergarten on the jailoo - showing Kyrgyz films.

July 2, 2015, 06:00

In the village of Emgekchil in the Naryn region on the “Uch-Chat” Jailoo, a kindergarten for 30 children was opened. In the event of this opening, the children were shown famous Kyrgyz movies and Cartoons - reported the correspondent, Turmush.

The children watched the films “Bakaydyn Zhauut” and “Men Kosmonavt Bolom” with great interest. Aside from this, the international public foundation, “Roza Otunbaeva Initiative”, and the administration of the Naryn region gave out toys and stationery products to the kindergarten. Employees from the regional library also gave out books to the children as well as read to them.

Notably, the Jailoo kindergartens were opened in the farthest parts of Naryn: Son-Kel, Arpa, Sari-Too, Kamanda, Bosovo, Besh-Belchil, Kyzarttin Beli, Ok-Torgoy Kolmo, Choi-Zhap, Karatal-Zhapirik, and Solton-Kari.

8 kindergartens were opened on the Jailoo in the At-Bashi region, 4 kindergartens in the Ak-Talinskiy region, 4 in the Zhumgalskiy region, and 4 in the Naryn region. Due to the rainy weather in the regions compared to last year, the kindergartens opened 10 days later.