A workshop on preparing school development plans was held in the At-Bashy district

November 13, 2023, 18:06

A workshop on preparing school development plans was held in the At-Bashy district. It focused on analysing current situations and improving existing plans.


The workshop took place at the Karybek uulu Akmataly Secondary School and was organised by the Roza Otunbaeva Initiative International Foundation as part of the "Girls in Science" UNICEF project. The event was held on 14th November 2023.


The training was attended by directors of pilot schools of the Girls in Science project, social pedagogues, STEM teachers, and active students.


Zhyldyz Zhantalieva, Deputy Head of the At-Bashy District Administration, emphasized the importance of the Girls in Science project and expressed her support for training aimed at developing gender awareness and STEM.


Kasymbek Mamytov, Director of the Regional Methodological Centre, acknowledged that endeavouring to boost pupils' interest in the exact sciences complies with contemporary requirements and extended his best wishes to the event's organisers and participants.


During the first part of the event, project expert Yenish Urumov acquainted the participants with the results of the situation analysis of school development plans conducted within the framework of the project.


Also, Chynara Davletova, a gender expert, delivered an interactive presentation on the topic of ""What is gender?"".


The Roza Otunbaeva Initiative Foundation conducted an analysis of pre-school, school, and out-of-school education policies as part of the Girls in Science project's second phase.

The foundation aims to promote educational reforms that integrate gender-sensitive education. Additionally, it seeks to promote STEM-oriented adaptive plans, and empower and motivate adolescent girls/boys to continue their post-school education. The foundation also strives to raise awareness of STEM education, guide young people in creating "peer-to-peer" relationships using mentoring and coaching to choose decent jobs, and create favourable conditions for post-secondary education. 


The Girls in Science initiative by UNICEF is being executed by the Roza Otunbaeva Initiative Foundation, the Child Protection Centre, Technical School of Innovation AUCA and Enactus Kyrgyzstan.