Development Centers on Jailoo Receives Continued Support from FINCA Bank

August 27, 2023, 22:18

This year, the Development Centers on Jailoo once again received support from FINCA Bank. With the bank's assistance, stationery, educational materials, toys, and other items were provided to children at the Bubukan Apa and Balaty Nuru Development Centers in Kochkor, Nariste in Bazar-Korgon, and Altyn Balalyk in Tyup districts.


Thanks to this support, many children had the opportunity to engage in drawing, sculpting, painting, and creating applications.


For the tenth consecutive year, the International Public Foundation Roza Otunbaeva Initiative has effectively implemented the Development Centers on Jailoo initiative.

This initiative is aimed at creating equal educational opportunities for vulnerable segments of society, especially children from herding families. It is particularly noteworthy that children who receive training at the development centers on Jailoo successfully master reading and math skills when they enter primary school.


The Bank is actively working to create a society in which all individuals have the opportunity to use their knowledge, talents, and efforts to shape their own destinies.

The International Public Foundation Roza Otunbaeva Initiative extends its sincere gratitude to FINCA Bank for investing in the growth and development of children in the high mountain regions of Kyrgyzstan.