KAZ Minerals Bozymchak Supports Development Centers on Jailoo in Ala-Buka District

September 6, 2023, 21:54

KAZ Minerals Bozymchak, a company operating in Ala-Buka district, has provided support to the development centers located on Jailoo in Ala-Buka district.


With the assistance of the company, the development centers in Barchyn, Bermet, Balapan, Chanach-Sai, and Balastan were equipped with stationery, educational materials, toys, and musical instruments. Thanks to this support, many children have had the opportunity to engage in activities such as drawing, sculpting, painting, and playing music.


For the tenth consecutive year, the Development Centers on Jailoo initiative has been effectively carried out by the International Public Foundation Roza Otunbaeva Initiative. The primary goal of this initiative is to create conditions that ensure equal access to education, particularly for vulnerable segments of society, especially children from herding families. It is noteworthy that children who receive their education in these Jailoo centers demonstrate commendable reading and arithmetic skills when they transition to primary school.


The Roza Otunbaeva Initiative International Public Foundation expresses its heartfelt gratitude to KAZ Minerals Bozymchak for investing in the growth and development of children in the high mountain regions of Kyrgyzstan.