Happy Birthday, Roza Isakovna!

August 23, 2022, 23:56

Roza Otunbaeva, the first female president of Kyrgyzstan, has a birthday on August 23. Her contribution to the establishment of stability in our country is enormous and indisputable.


Roza Otunbaeva's political career and public activity, her high capacity for work, active civic position, her undoubted and remarkable personal qualities and virtues that we see and appreciate every day, make us not only admire but also improve ourselves, serving as a vivid example of purposefulness and devotion to our country.


Dear Rosa Isakovna!


From the entire team of the Roza Otunbaeva Initiative International Public Foundation, the founder of which you are, please accept our most sincere congratulations and wishes of further achievements, realization of all goals, and new ideas and projects.  All the best for you, excellent health, reliable and loyal associates and great personal happiness!


We are proud of you, Roza Isakovna, and we work to make you proud of us.



Happy birthday, Rosa Isakovna!



Roza Otunbaeva Initiative International Foundation