The Children's Philharmonic. We invite you to watch the recording of "Music of Ala-Too" concert

April 16, 2020, 11:13

We love our work very much. We had a bunch of plans for this spring! However, everything has to be canceled, because the most important thing is health.


Here's what we thought: while it’s important for us all to stay at home, subscribing to all kinds of online movie channels and gaming platforms –all these are great. However in such a difficult time, the best thing that we can do is probably recall the positive educational events that our Foundation has been organizing for many years.


Today, we offer you to remember the "Children's Philharmonic" project - a format of family cultural and educational activity that Bishkek residents are fond of, including a series of concerts of classical music and dance, accompanied by a lecture.


It would seem that what to tell more if we hear komuz and Kyrgyz songs every day. However so much remains off the air. The rare ancient art “tak teke”, an ancient musical instrument zhetigen, similar to Russian gusli, how Ooz-komuzs are made, Kyrgyz musical legends - all these were presented in the program of the concert “Music of  Ala-Too”, which was brilliantly conducted by Raziya Syrdybaeva.