Happy 8th of March!

March 7, 2023, 08:02

Dear, lovely women!

You make this world a kind and wonderful place.You give love and life; you raise and educate children. No home would ever be cozy and hospitable without you. At the same time, you are working hard and successfully on all fronts of our busy lives.

Kyrgyzstan's women are a serious strong social, political and professional force: NGOs, women's councils, health committees, women's professional associations and creative unions. The women of Kyrgyzstan are always ready to share responsibility for the development of statehood, the preservation of natural resourcesand for a better future for the country!

On this wonderful Women's Day we wish you a spring holiday mood, that your eyes always shine with happiness, and a smile never leaves your lips, charm and beauty are constant companions, and your soul is always full of harmony and peace. May men continue to admire you, dedicate poems and music, surround you with care and attention, help you carry the burden of everyday worries, and support you in difficult times!

Let spring easily give you inspiration, joyful meetings, new expectations and their realization!

Happy holidays to you, dear girls and women!

Founder and staff
Roza Otunbayeva Initiative International Foundation