The 10th anniversary of the ROI IPF: 2015

May 23, 2022, 10:08

Kyrgyzstan's main wealth is its people. We will be a successful country when we develop education and create conditions for the development of our children - our future. Our future depends on the efforts of every citizen of the country. Will we be able to defeat violence against children and women, which claims dozens of lives every year? What will it take?  Will we be able to become a reading nation? And what can each of us do?


These are the main questions and principles underlying all the projects that our Foundation implemented in 2015:


- The third Festival of Education


- "Think Globally - Act Locally: Increasing Environmental Responsibility among Children and Young People" environmental project


- "Quality School Meals - Healthy Children" project to optimise school nutrition


- "Kindergarten on Jailoo: Early Childhood Development in Remote Pastoral Areas"


- "Ustat-3: Strengthening the role of women in the police force"


- "STEM - enhancing women and girls' knowledge in science and technology"


- "School of Childhood" lectures series: early childhood development techniques.


- "Stars read to children"


- Open educational resources: electronic textbooks accessible to everyone.


- "Music is the Soul of the People" series of concerts on the musical culture of Kyrgyzstan's ethnic groups


- Publishing and educational activities


- Forum "Compatriots"


- "Discover Asia - A New Format"


- "Germans in the History of Kyrgyzstan'' ethnographic exhibition


- Exchange visits and study tours.