Happy Independence Day of the Kyrgyz Republic

August 30, 2021, 22:23

Dear friends!

Please accept our sincere congratulations on the Independence Day of the Kyrgyz Republic!


Thirty years ago, on August 31, 1991, the Kyrgyz Republic was proclaimed an independent, sovereign and democratic state. This day has become a landmark date in the history of our country, a turning point on the road to democracy and social cohesion.


This holiday is a symbol of choosing an independent path of development of our country, which has passed through many stages of political, economic, cultural and social life during the years of independence.


It is a holiday for all of us, those who have strengthened the sovereignty of the state in recent decades, and for young people, the same age as independence, who will go on to develop the country.


The independence of modern Kyrgyzstan is a symbol of national unity and shared responsibility for the future of our country. The creative, everyday work of each of us must contribute to the country's well-being and socio-economic development. Today, when our society, our country is facing new challenges, when we are faced with the spread of COVID-19, the key to their implementation is our unity. Unity in big and small issues, in solving global problems that we face, and in solving everyday problems.


May this Day each Year give us more and more confidence in our future and inspire each and every one of us!


May there always be a clear and peaceful sky over our beloved Kyrgyzstan. May there be peace in people's hearts and prosperity in homes!


 Founder and the staff of the Roza Otunbayeva Initiative IPF