We invite you to «Modern vs Classic» concert presentation

February 4, 2020, 06:00

"Dance is an expression of emotional feelings that are released through body movements," - this is how the dance, or rather the modern dance was described by the choreographer Martha Graham. Probably each of you felt this freedom, joy, relief that occurs after an energetic movement in the dance.

In the education system, much time is devoted to acquainting children with the laws of the universe, nature, or chemical processes, however no time is given for the child to know himself/herself and his/herbody’s abilities, to express himself/herselfthrough movement. One can consider modern choreography as an attempt to look into oneself, to recognize oneself.

We invite all children and teachers to attend "Modern vs. Classic" concert-presentation which will be held on February 21 at Bishkek Choreographic School named after Ch. Bazarbayev. You can get acquainted with the basics of modern dance, find out the differences between classical ballet and modern ballet and more.

Age: 14+.

Beginning at 15.00.

Ticket price - 70 soms.

Tickets can be purchased at BHS. (231/1 Moskovskaya St. crosses Logvinenko St.).

The concert-presentation is held as part of the "Children's Philharmonic" musical and educational program.