Otunbeyeva-Babanov: Who is spreading the rumors?

March 6, 2013, 06:00

Rumors and denials…

Articles and interviews connected to the proposition of a “third revolution” or Babanov-Otunbayeva “tandem” were published in “De Facto”, “Aibat” and other local newspapers.

Over the course of 2 days Omurbek Babanov, the ex-Prime Minister and leader of the party Respublika, gave interviews to three publications. He stated that he is against revolution but does not object to actions for the dissolving of parliament.

“First, I think that if there is another revolution or coup, our state will collapse. There should not be any more revolutions or coups in Kyrgyzstan,” Babanov said in his interview with the K-News wire service.

In his second extended interview with the same wire service, Babanov stated that reforms must be undertaken in the very near future and proposed two possible Constitutions:

- The first is a Constitution for a Presidential system of government, where the head of state answers for the executive branch, and the second possible Constitution is a pure Parliamentary system in which the Prime Minister answers for the economy, internal and external politics, while the president fulfills ceremonial functions.

Roza Otunbayeva answered the rumors this way:

- I am busy with the problems of kindergartens in Osh Oblast, attracting young people to professional and technical schools and providing for the safety of mothers, and they implicate me in some fabricated dealings and write various rumors in newspapers. I haven’t seen Omurbek Babanov since he left his post.

That’s enough, the revolutions happened and now the time has come for building and development. Maybe it is necessary for us to help the president and to help solve the real problems of society? And if forces appear that intend to undermine stability and divert the current course of the country, then there are sufficient forces to stop this.

Who is spreading the rumors?

One of the people who wrote about an alliance of Otunbayeva and Babanov against the current authorities is the political scientist, Tabdyldy Akerov. His articles are being spread online. We approached him with a question on what his writings are based on.

- Their surnames are well known in society and therefore some forces intend to use them for creating a revolutionary mood. In my work, I wrote that Otunbayeva is not privy to this, but she must state her position due to the large amount of differing information.

According to the political scientist, some forces want to use the names of Otunbayeva and Babanov and therefore intend to spread these rumors.

Meanwhile, there is no evidence of the politicians meeting or of their preparations for a coup:

- There is no evidence, but in the regions there are quite a few rumors. They ask about an alliance between (the political parties) Ata-Jurt and Respublika.

Additionally, often the name of one of the opposition leaders, Axmatbek Keldibekov, is mentioned.

The trial of Ata Jurt’s Kamchybek Tashiev, Sadyr Japarov, Talant Mamytov and the former military prosecutor, Kubatbek Kojoliev is already brining people into the streets. However the political scientist Mars Sariev doubts that there will be a coup:

- I do not think that Otunbayeva, Babanov and Keldybek will join forces to undertake a coup. The situation is not what it once was. The three (politicians) are pragmatics and look at life form a realistic point of view.

Sariev believes that the spreading of rumors may be in the interests of President Almazbek Atambaev’s entourage:

- Through these methods some people are trying to show that they are necessary. In this situation certain politicians are earning votes quite successfully.

There will not be a coup

Mars Sariev noted that the geopolitical situation is also not conducive to a coup:

- Russia and the US will play a deciding role. Right now, Atambaev has the direct and open support of Russia, and the US will not take decisive steps like in 2005. This is useful for Atambaev.

Spring political agitation has already become a habit in Kyrgyzstan, and many fear the situation may once against destabilize.

In the later half of February, information came to light that discs were being spread in Jalalabad, Osh and Batken Oblasts. These discs contain a film, “Poisoned Kumtor” that was filmed by proponents for the nationalization of the large gold mining company.

Meanwhile, groups demanding the dissolution of parliament have become active. The group led by Miroslav Niyazov, demanding the dissolution of parliament, and the “Save Kyrgyzstan” movement under the leadership of Murkar Cholponbaev have announced their intention to stage a protest in mid-March.

On March 1st in Talas a meeting was help in opposition to the development of the “Jerui” mine. According to police data, 20 people took part in the action. The organizers counted 200 participants, and according to independent observers, about 100 people arrived at the protest. The protest action was organized by the “Talas Elinin Yntymagy (Unity of the People of Talas”) movement.

According to the experts interviewed, there are not, as of yet, the prerequisites for repeating the situations of 2005 and 2010.