The Second Festival of Education – For a Renewed Interest in Technical Professions

April 23, 2014, 06:00

The Second Festival of Education – For a Renewed Interest in Technical Professions

April 26-27, 2014 – Bishkek


The Second Festival of Education is a two-day event across urban sites/classes with a focus on science, technology and the dissemination of traditional ecological knowledge. 

The First Festival of Education was held on May 18-19, 2013, and received many positive reviews, establishing itself as an important that organizers hope will become a Bishkek tradition.

The Second Education Festival is aimed at reviving interest in technical professions, as well as the developing scientific and technical creativity in children and disseminating traditional ecological knowledge. This bright festive event will include educational outreach fairs, professional forums, meetings and excursions. This is the perfect interactive platform for participants to make personal discoveries in the fields of education and educational services, as well as various scientific and technical disciplines.

The Festival will pay special attention to the younger generation; instilling a culture of self-realization, the desire for knowledge, success, discovery, innovation and a healthy lifestyle in leaders of the future. Organizers believe that this event will contribute significantly to promoting education development in the country.

Over two days, April 26 and 27, the Second Festival of Education will plunge into the wonderful world of natural sciences by providing entertaining scientific tours, trainings and workshops on ecology, experiments, games, information on where to get training in scientific and technical specialties as well as a ton of fun for students, parents and friends.

Day One of the Festival will take place at the campus of the Razzakov Kyrgyz State Technical University. During the event, students from 6-11th grades) from regional high schools will have the opportunity to participate in tours of the KSTU and its laboratories, see various demonstrations and scientific experiments, including experiments in physics, chemistry, computer science, energy, mechanics, as well as to visit a mobile, digital planetarium, witness technical exhibitions of creativity and participate in demonstrations and master classes on scientific, technical and environmental developments.

Also on the first day will be presentations from the international "We Are 21st Century Intellectuals" contest, a Science and Technology Olympiad conducted by the national children's engineering academy Altyn Tuyun, a presentation of innovative projects in education, the “Success Story” marketplace and a scientific quiz for students.

On Day Two of the Festival, April 27, the festival will take place simultaneously in the Old Square, Oak Park Gallery, State Historical Museum, Seytek National Center for Children and Youth and AUCA.

Four different fairs will occur at the Old Square: First, the Fair of Educational Services, "City of Masters," "Unclassified" and "Flower Fair.” Moreover, there will be a competition entitled "Dad, Mom and I: A Technological Family." You will also be able to visit a solar mobile digital planetarium, workshops on airplane modeling, sand art, a bubble show and a chemical demonstration.

During the day, the State Historical Museum will hold exhibitions, film screenings, performances and master classes on traditional ecological knowledge, as well as organizations dedicated to the regeneration, development and promotion of traditional natural and cultural knowledge, the majority of which are supported by the Christensen Fund.

Many sports events, flash mobs, dance battles, festive concerts intellectual games, as well as theatrical and circus performances will accompany the Festival.

The Second Festival of Education is being organized by the Roza Otunbayeva Initiative International Public Foundation in cooperation with Razzakov Kyrgyz State Technical University, the Office of the Mayor of Bishkek, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Agency for Vocational Education under the Ministry of Labor, Youth and Migration, UNICEF and the National Commission for UNESCO of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Second Education Festival is supported by the Christensen Fund, Molbulak Mircofinance, Bai Tushum Bank and the Shoro Company. Media partners of the event are OTRK, 5 Kanal, AKIPress News Agency, El-TR, Azattyk News, and "Kyrgyzstan Obondoru" radio.


Festival of Education Organizing Committee: The Roza Otunbayeva Initiative International Public Foundation