The second Festival of Education will host an exhibition of objects from the history of technology at the State Historical Museum

April 23, 2014, 06:00

April 23, Bishkek - The State Historical Museum will present the "Objects from the History of Art" exhibit on loan from the Museum of the History of Technology.


The exhibition is dedicated to the second Festival of Education, organized by the Roza Otunbayeva Initiative.


According to the press reports, the Museum of the History of Technology is an initiative of architect/engineer Alymkul Tashlanov. A desire to collect and restore technological antiques inspired the creation of the museum that today displays a valuable and diverse collection of material from technical engineering history.


The main objective of the museum is to preserve, display and promote prized and unique items from the history of technology to foster in technology among the younger generations of Kyrgyzstan.


The exhibition will feature items from the collections of radio and television equipment, clocks, lighting, photographic equipment, instruments, as well as books on the history of technology.


Curators found and rescued objects and machinery from all over the Kyrgyz Republic to fill the museum. It is the only museum in Bishkek to present on a broad scale the history of technology, the report said.


According to the curators, the museum now has over 50 thousand items representing various fields of technology and scientific knowledge, covering the period from 17th century to present day and filling 150 different collections. The museum features rare items like a "KVN -49" TV with a screen that was filled with water or glycerin; "6H -1" tube radio/telegraph machine; handsets from different eras; scientific, optical and lighting fixtures; various means of communication; watches; typewriters; samples of cast and forged art products and more.