«Girls in Science» project trains second group of mentors

April 20, 2021, 10:12

The “Girls in Science” project trained their second group of mentors in Bishkek on April 20, 2021.

The event was attended byElmira Imanalieva, head of the Education Department of Bishkek municipality; Nora Suyunalieva, UNICEF Programme Manager; RozaKaiykova, "Girls in Science" project coordinator; and Guljamal Sultanalieva, "Girls in Science" project expert.

In her welcoming speech to the event participants, Roza Kaiykova, spoke about the goals of the project and thanked the mentors for their desire to contribute to the development of girls.

Elmira Imanalieva,  noted the importance of “Girls in Science” project as a good opportunity for pilot schools, and in general, for the development of the country's education sector.

During the training, UNICEF Program Manager, Nora Suyunalieva, told the mentors about the goals of the project and why it is necessary to increase the potential of girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Sultanalieva Gulzhamal, made a presentation on the topic of "Taking into account gender characteristics in the activities of a mentor"

Jiyde Zootbekova and Madina Samakbaeva, project mentors, shared their successful mentoring experience. It was earlier noted, during the first stage of the mentoring program, 96 mentors were selected and trained. These mentors were already actively employed. Mentors hold meetings with project participants, work with ineffective and stereotypical mentality attitudes. develop a culture of communication and behavioral styles in society.

Successful and progressive Kyrgyzstan women of from the involved business associations and STEM professions were also selected for the second stage of the mentoring program: 

1.      Elmira Nogoibaeva -Head of the "Esimde" project, "Polis Asia", Analytical Center.

2.      AinuraJamaeva - Senior Lecturer, Department of Canned Food Technology, Kyrgyz State Technical University/KSTU named after Razzakov.

3.      AjaraAbylayeva - Senior Lecturer, Department of Foreign Languages, KSTU named after Razzakov.

4.      AinuraChyndybayeva - KSTU named after Razzakov.

5.      AigulUsubalieva-Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University.

6.      KalipaSalieva-  Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University.

7.      Alexandra Henderson - Faraday "Young Chemists” Club

8.      KarimkulovaTolgonai- designer, general director of "Baira" LLC

9.      MeerimTabaldieva -Restaurateur

10.  Bermet Dzhurupova

11.  ErkaiymTurusbekova - Head of School of Digital Professions

12.  M. Komkova - "AltynTuyun" - Republican Children's Engineering Academy/RCIA

13.  L.A .Burenko- "AltynTuyun"-RCIA

14.  V. Bychkova- "AltynTuyun" - RCIA

15.  S.N. Shtan’ko-"AltynTuyun" -RCIA

16.  Aisuluu Omurbaeva - Expert analyst

17.  Guzel Turdubaeva - Department of Education, Bishkek Municipality

18.  F.Chilmergenova - Internet marketer, "Svetofor" (internet store)

Each mentor will join a group of7th to 10th gradeschoolgirls in Bishkek, Osh, and Chui regions, who plan to enter STEM professions. The goal of the mentoring program is to build an effective education system focused on attracting girls to STEM education and patriotic education.

The "Girls in Science" project (2021-2022) will select 200 mentors and 2,600 girls from pilot schools in Bishkek city, Alamedin and Sokuluk Districts of Chui region, as well as in Osh city, Kara-Suu District of Osh region. From March 2021, the first stage of mentoring courses began with 100 mentors from the involved business associations and representatives of STEM professions.Each mentor will be assigned a group of7th to 10th gradeschoolgirls in Bishkek, Osh and Chui regions who plan to enter universities for STEM professions.