Mentors start work with mentees as part of UNICEF's Girls in Science Mentoring Program

March 15, 2021, 09:56

As part of the mentoring program of the UNICEF “Girls in Science” project, mentors   have begun working with mentees.


In the first stage of the mentoring program, 96 mentors joined groups of 7th to 10th grade schoolgirls in Bishkek, Osh and Chui regions, who plan to enter STEM professions (722 girls).


After group assignments, mentors held an introductory talk with their mentees. They handed out the "Mentee Diary" and set common goals. Mentors actively meet with their mentees, instilling a love for a healthy lifestyle, learning to set goals, and attending cultural events. Mentors also pay attention to personal growth and conduct career guidance work. The work of mentors will last for five months.


The mentors of "Girls in Science" project are successful Kyrgyz women from involved business associations and STEM professions. The earlier "Roza Otunbaeva Initiative" (International Public Foundation conducted trainings for mentors in order to improve mentoring skills. Each mentor received a "Mentor Guide," and mentees received "Mentee Diaries".


The "Roza Otunbayeva Initiative" presented all the mentors with publications issued by the Foundation books from the series, "Life of Remarkable People" and the book, "Women of Kyrgyzstan in Technology and Science".


A total of 2,600 girls from pilot schools in Bishkek, Osh, Alamedin and Ysyk-Ata districts of the Chui region will take part in the mentoring program of the 'Girls in Science' project. For five to six months the mentors will have the opportunity to share with the girls all their knowledge, skills and their professional and life experience. The mentor will help each girl dispel stereotypes about "non-female" professions, talk about STEM education, and help with self-determination and the choice of a future profession.


The “Roza Otunbayeva Initiative” would like to thank mentors who did not remain indifferent, took great responsibility and showed willingness to contribute to the successful future of girls.



1.      Sagynbaeva Ainura Orozbekovna - General Director of "SIAR research&consulting" LLC, Director of "SteppeLearning KG" LLC

2.      Ashimbayeva Dilbar - Creative Designer of "DILBAR" Fashion House

3.      Eliza Asilbekova, General Director of "Human Resources" Ltd.

4.      Venera Kozhomkulova - Entrepreneur, founder of KOVENTO confectionery

5.      Kasymalieva Aidan - Fashion designer and founder of "Danfashionbrand".

6.      Aizaada Usupova, Member of the Board, Operating Director, "Elet-Capital MFC" Ltd.

7.       Omuraliyeva Aikanysh - General Director of "Ustukan" Ltd.

8.      Dzhanybayeva Nazgul - Director of "Event M" Ltd.

9.      Beishekeyeva Nazgul - Financier of "Shatura" furniture salon

10.   Janybayeva Meerim -Founder of UniHelp Public Foundation  

11.   Samanchieva Makhabat, founder of Ruslanova AIYM Fashion House

12.   Ibarat Kurbanova  “TEIK Trade” Ltd, food ingredients

13.   Kolkombaeva Arema - Project Manager, "Polis Asia Analytical Center

14.   Sultanalieva Guljamal - Gender Expert 

15.   Abdymanap kyzy Meerim - Biomedical Engineer at “Urfa Medical Center

16.   Bekbolotova Jyldyz Sagynbekovna - Construction Engineer of "Archi Lab" LLC

17.   Tagjana Aidaralieva - Head of Public Relations Department of Bishkek Heat Power plant

18.   Sargashkayeva Elzada - Press-secretary of the National Electric Grid of Kyrgyzstan

19.   Zootebekova Jiyde - Press secretary at State Enterprise "Kyrgyzkomur".

20.   Tentieva Cholpon - Deputy Director of the Museum of Fine Arts named after G.Aitiev

21.   Janylsynzat Turdakunova - Director of "Supara" Ethnocomplex

22.   Mokeshova Zhyldyz - Chief accountant of the Kyrgyz-Kazakh outsourcing company Bukhta

23.   Nurzat Abdrasulova - Head of Green Alliance of Kyrgyzstan.

24.   Dinara Moldosheva - Head of the State Intellectual Property and Innovation Service under the Government (Kyrgyzpatent)

25.   Dinara Chochunbaeva - Designer, General Director of Oimo Festival

26.   Aidai Asangulova - Founder of  "Kiyizduino” PF

27.   Aizada Kasmalieva  Director, Bishkek bureau of AzattykRadio

28.   Tamila Mamatova, Sculptor

29.   Tatiana Vorotnikova  Fashion Designer

30.   Jumagul Sarieva - Designer, founder of "Chapan" studio

31.   Gulzire Minbaeva - Official representative of KhanAcademyKyrgyz

32.   Jyrgal Botobayeva - Co-founder of Tekaiym

33.   Madina Samakbaeva - Environmental chemist, food safety expert, founder of

34.   Mira Abdimetalieva - Business analyst

35.   Elena Chigibaeva - Official Ambassador of TechnovationGirlsKyrgyzstan.

36.   Anipa Usupkojoeva Director of Kyrgyz-German Technical Institute at KSTU

37.   Bayalieva Cholpon Deputy Director, KSTI

38.   Dushembieva Elmira Deputy Director of KSTI, KSTU named after I. Razzakov,

39.   Anara Sadieva - Head of the "Food Engineering"  Department, KSTU named after I. Razzakov

40.   Tilemishova Nurgul – Senior Lecturer of "Food Engineering" department, KSTU named after I. Razzakov

41.   Kokoloeva Ularkan Urkunbaevna - Assistant Professor of "Food Engineering" department, KSTU named after I.Razzakov.

42.   Tabaldieva Nurzat – Doctor of Science, Assistant Professor of the "Electrical engineering" department named after J.A.Apyshev

43.   Chokmorova Aynura Head of Foreign Languages Department, Assistant Professor, KSTU named after I.Razzakov

44.   Akynbekova Mederkiul – Professor, KSTU, assistant professor

45.   Borubaeva Zhamiila – KSTU named after I.Razzakov.

46.   Alymkulova Nurjan – Lecturer, KSTU named after I.Razzakov.

47.   Kermalieva Venera Assistant Professor, Light Industry Technology DepartmentKSTU named after I. Razzakov

48.   Maslyanova F.I. Assistant Professor,  Light Industry Technology Department KSTU named after I. Razzakov

49.   Chimchikova Mairamkiul Assistant Professor,  Light Industry Technology Department KSTU named after I. Razzakov

50.   Chukbaeva Aigul Mazhitovna – Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor,  Light Industry Technology Department, KSTU named after I. Razzakov

51.   Osmonbek kyzy M. KSTU named after I. Razzakov

52.   Duyshenbek kyzy Nargiza Senior lecturer, Food Production Technology department, KSTU named after I. Razzakova

53.   Ulanbek kyzy.

54.   Ainabekova Ainur - Senior Lecturer, Department of “Machinery Engineering”, KSTU named after I.Razzakov,

55.   Dyikanbayeva Urpiya Head of Laboratory, Department of “Machinery Engineering”, KSTU named after I.Razzakov

56.   Dushenova Marina Senior Lecturer, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, KSTU named after I. Razzakov

57.   Joldosheva Baktygul Mukashevna - Senior LecturerDepartment of Electric Power Engineering, KSTU named after I. Razzakov,

58.   Chetvertak Yulia Sergeevna - Senior lecturer. Canned food technology  Department, KSTU named after I. Razzakov,

59.   Ainura Birnazarova KSUCTA named after N.Isanov

60.   Sarymbekova Elmira - Lecturer. Canned food technology  Department, KSTU named after I. Razzakov

61.   Akunova Mira Taldybekovna - Senior Lecturer Light Industry Technology DepartmentKSTU named after I. Razzakov

62.   Belekova Jyldyz Sharshenalyevna - Lecturer, Department of “Machinery Engineering”, KSTU named after I.Razzakov

63.   Moldokanova Asylgul - Senior Lecturer Light Industry Technology DepartmentKSTU named after I. Razzakov

64.   Upenova Ayganysh - Senior Lecturer Light Industry Technology DepartmentKSTU named after I. Razzakov

65.   Orozbekzy Raushan Head of Laboratory, Senior Lecturer Light Industry Technology DepartmentKSTU named after I. Razzakov

66.   Jibek Shopokova Lecturer KSTU named after I. Razzakov

67.   Abylayeva Lecturer KSTU named after I. Razzakov

68.   Usenbayeva Aijan Lecturer, Technology Faculty. KSTU named after I. Razzakov

69.   Otunchieva Ainura - Assistant Professor, Technology Faculty. KSTU named after I. Razzakov

70.   Chynybaeva Aibike Lecturer, Technology Faculty. KSTU named after I. Razzakov

71.   Muktarbek kyzy Zagira - Lecturer, Technology Faculty. KSTU named after I. Razzakov

72.   Dolonova Gulmira - Laboratory Assistant, Economics and Geography Faculty,  Osh State University

73.   Papieva Tolkun - Head of Algebra and Geometry, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, research associate, Osh State University,

74.   Shamshieva Gulmira - Senior Lecturer, expert in software design Osh State University

75.   Suita Gaipova – Lecturer, Architect-Designer, Osh State University 76.

76.   Abdullaeva Cholpon - PhD in Physics and Mathematics, research associate, Osh State University

77.   Atyrova Rakhat – Doctor of Science, Digital Skills Coach for Municipal Staff

78.   Jeentaeva Jumagul - Head of Natural Sciences and Information Technology Faculty, Kyrgyz-Uzbek University

79.   Abdullaeva Jypar - Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Doctoral candidateKumamoto University in Japan

80.   Artykova Nurila - Software Engineer, Digital Skills Coach  for Municipal Staff

81.   Bermet Sadieva - Computer designer"Bilim" printing house,

82.   Momosheva Guliza - Researcher in Economic Geography, Osh State University

83.   Shamshieva Gulmira - Computer Design Specialist, Senior LecturerOsh State University

84.   Khamzaeva Ainura - PhD in Economics, Head of Accounting and Audit Department, Osh Technological University

85.   Artykova Jyldyz - Vice-Rector for Social and Educational Work Assistant ProfessorDepartment of InformaticsOsh state University

86.   Sagynbaeva Gulzada - Head of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Faculty, Osh Pedagogical Institute

87.   Toktosheva Jamila - Methodologist of Osh City Department of Education

88.   Ormonova Abaskhan Director of the "Initiative women entrepreneurs" Public Foundation

89.   Kurmanalieva Aizada - Development and Training specialistBeeline company

90.   Narmatova Gulzina - LecturerKyrgyz-Uzbek University

91.   Bedelova Nurgul PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Assistant Professor, Osh State University

92.   Sultanova Aruuke Medetbekovna Senior Lecturer, Innovative College, Osh State University

93.   Abjaparova Dinara - Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Natural Sciences Osh State University

94.   Abdylakimova Begaiym - PhD, Director of STEM Innovation College Osh State University

95.   Egemnazarova Aichurok - Lecturer,  Osh State University

96.   Kulmatova Syrga Electrical Engineer, Deputy Director of STEM Innovation College Osh State University.