Summer rehabilitation camp for children and women teachers of Leilek and Batken districts

May 26, 2021, 09:41

Press release

Rehabilitation summer camp for children and women teachers of Leilek and Batken districts


From May 27 to June 6, 2021, the Rosa Otunbayeva Initiative International Public Foundation and Jetigen International Camp will hold a 10-day summer camp at Lake Issyk Kul for 70 children and 20 women teachers injured during the April 28-30 Kyrgyz-Tajik border conflict. Children ages 9 to 17 will have the opportunity to spend time in Issyk-Kul in the exclusive "Winds of Change" camp shift.

The purpose of the event is to provide psychological support and assistance to children and women teachers from border regions affected by the conflict through art therapy and psychological counseling.

The "Winds of Change" camp is primarily designed to create a supportive environment where children can receive professional psychological and psychotherapeutic help. Themed activities, sports, beach activities, quest games, Kyrgyz national games, classes in creative studios including media, vocal, dance, painting and sculpture, cooking workshops, a short course of computer literacy and developmental games in English will be organised for children.

The main aim of the programme is to create the optimum conditions for the children to relax, improve their health, and develop creatively and intellectually.

Children and adults who have survived an armed conflict experience psychological shock can have long-term consequences in the form of post-traumatic syndrome. Skilled psychological assistance can therefore help them to cope with fear, shock and anger.

The programme for teachers provides not only psychological help, but also training in dealing with children who have experienced stress and possible post-traumatic syndrome disorder (PTSD).

The children and teachers will also visit local attractions - petroglyphs and a museum. The Chyngyz. Aitmatov "Rukh Ordo" Cultural Center will organize a free guided tour for campers. The TV project "Asman" team will organize a gala-concert with participation of popular Kyrgyz singers.

Thanks to the support of caring people, each child will be provided with items of personal hygiene, a set of necessary clothes and shoes for recreation.

The event will be supported by Yadran Group (Tatarstan, Russia) and UN Women in Kyrgyzstan.