Representatives of the preschool education system of the Kyrgyz Republic are preparing for the annual study visit to Turkey

January 22, 2020, 06:00

Active participants, organizers and partners of the “Development Centers on Jailoo” project, the “Roza Otunbayeva Initiative” IPF were awarded a trip to Turkey following the results of work for 2019. The program of the visit to Turkey is organized with the support of the Union of Municipalities of the Turkic World.

12 representatives of the Kyrgyz Republic education system will exchange experience and get acquainted with the preschool education system of municipalities in Turkish cities. Representatives from all 7 regions of Kyrgyzstan are represented in the delegation.

The purpose of the visit is to familiarize with the education system of the Republic of Turkey and sharing experiences on the child development and an innovative methodology in this direction. The trip is planned from February 16 and will last until February 22, 2020.

For information: Exchange visits are an incentive and motivation for our teachers and organizers of the Development Centers on Jailoo - representatives of local self-government and pasture committees. Over 4 years (2015-2019), more than 50 teachers of children's educational institutions from all over Kyrgyzstan improved their knowledge in the field of preschool education and began to use the knowledge gained in teaching children.