A national conference will be held in Issyk-Kul within the framework of the project «Development Centers on Jailoo»

May 27, 2019, 06:00

On May 28-29, 2019, a national conference on “Importance and alternative models in the development of young children” will be held in the Issyk-Kul oblast, in the sanatorium “Kirguzskoe vzmorie”, within the framework of the project “Development Centers on Jailoo”, by the International Public Foundation Roza Otunbayeva Initiative ”. The event will be held with the support of the Aga Khan Foundation in Kyrgyzstan and the British Embassy (DFID) in Bishkek.

The event will be attended by ex-President of the Kyrgyz Republic, the founder of the public foundation “Roza Otunbayeva Initiative” Roza Otunbayeva, leaders and educators of the project “Development Centers on Jailoo”, the deputy regional representatives, heads of kindergartens, representatives of regional state administrations, regional methodical educational centers, Kyrgyz Academy of Education, Aga Khan Foundation, Association of Pasture Users of Kyrgyzstan “Kyrgyz Zhaity”, public foundation KEMP Ala-Too, National General Red Crescent, as well as representatives of the Askar Salymbekov Foundation. In general, the conference will be attended by over 200 people.

The first day of the conference will begin with an analysis of the activities and features of the project “Development Centers on Jailoo”, and the discussion will focus on the advantages and disadvantages. Also, there will be presentations on such topics as: “The cognitive and psychosocial development of children”, “Our children on the path to a promising labor market”, “The role of the media in repelling disaster”.

Lectures will be given on the topics: “Strengthening peace and unity through rational use of natural resources”, the role of pasture users and pastures of the “Development Centers on Jailoo” according to modern requirements ”,“ Perspectives of pasture development and pasture users in Kyrgyzstan ”,“ Education children to careful use and relation to nature ”.

During the breaks of the conference, the poets Olzhobay Shakir and Altynbek Ismailov will read their works.

There will also be presentations on the topic “Trends in the use of new technologies and their essence”: “Methods of economical use of energy and resources, financial opportunities of the KyrSEFF program”, “Use of innovative technologies in the conditions of jailoo”, “Educational programs of healthy lifestyle” “Providing first aid in the conditions of jailoo, using a first aid kit”, “First Medical Aid is a mobile application”, Sezdbek Tashtekeev will deliver a lecture “The role of parents in raising children” where he will share his experiences.

Three-time Asian champion in chess Aizhan, and Ruslan Sezdbekov, will show a simultaneous game session (with several players); as well as there will be master classes on national games on electronic payments via smartphone, talking about communication through social networks, teaching first aid in jailoo conditions, using a first aid kit and introducing the mobile first aid application.

Trainings will be held on topics such as “The development of children and their parents living in the mountainous areas of Kyrgyzstan under the conditions of Development Centers on Jailoo”, participants will work in four sections.

From training, participants will receive the importance of kindergartens in jailoo, the concept of its organization, will expand the possibilities of planning and teaching children of preschool age on the basis of general developmental programs; the importance of cooperation between parents and educators, volunteers, the ability to skills for their involvement in the work of kindergartens. They will learn how to improve the quality of teaching lessons on jailoo. The emphasis in 2019 will be placed on new technologies and mathematics, educators will get acquainted with new educational materials.

In the first section there will be various master classes and presentations on the use of the Turkish experience at the development centers on jailoo.

In the second section, they will have comprehensive cooperation in the development of children, Soft Skills - the value of skills.

In the third section, there will be seminars on the rational use of natural resources, the conduct of work with children and parents in order to strengthen peace and harmony in the conditions of jailoo.

The fourth section will work on the development of children through various games, to raise motivation and creativity.

On the second day of the conference, mini-groups on the development of the activities of kindergarten centers on jailoo will work in the sectional discussions, on the following topics:

• Analysis of successes and shortcomings in the activities of development centers on jailoo, discussion of experience;

• How and through what resources the best practices should be disseminated;

• Ensuranse sustainability of MDGs.

For information: in 2014, the Foundation initiated the project “Development Centers on Jailoo”. Within five years, conditions were created for the full development of more than 9,100 children of cattle breeders living in high mountain areas. Development centers on jailoo were opened: in 2014 in the regions of the republic -35, in 2015 - 87, in 2016 - 117, in 2017 - 98, in 2018 -102, and also it is planned to open over 100 kindergartens in jailoo this year.