Advocacy campaigns on current areas of development that concern the youth are being held within ten new residential areas of Bishkek

October 30, 2018, 06:00

From October 26 to November 16, youth teams in 10 pilot residential areas of the city of Bishkek are conducting advocacy campaigns on current areas of development that concern the youth.


In Bishkek, on October 26, 2018, Ak-Bata hosted an advocacy event with the participation of akim of the Sverdlovsk regional state administration Bolotbekov Samarbek Bolotbekovich and representatives of the State Agency for Youth Affairs, Physical Culture and Sports under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and local youth.


During the meeting, young residents of the new residential areas proposed Akim (head of local authorities) to allocate land for the construction of a sports ground. They reported that about 4,700 people live in the new residential areas and half of them are young people. They also reported that there are no sports grounds in the residential area. In addition, young people listed other social aspects of the need for this object. Akim promised that this issue will be resolved.


The event consisted of two parts. First, there was a competition of 6 teams of girls in volleyball, which represented three residential areas of the Pervomaisky district. In this friendly match, girls showed how sports can unite young people from different residential areas. By participating in this match, they supported the action of the youth group of the Ak Bata residential area in their demand for the construction of a sports ground. Further, the event was continued by the concert program and performances of famous poets Z.Azhymatov and B.Zhamgyrchiyev.


October 26 to November 16, 2018, youth teams in 10 pilot residential areas of Bishkek conduct advocacy campaigns on priority issues that concern the youth.


It is worth noting that by carrying out these advocacy initiatives, youth groups demonstrate their responsibility for promoting peace, harmony, and fair, equitable and creative development in their residential areas. Also, by doing so, youth groups express their desire to contribute to the development of residential areas and declare their readiness to cooperate with government services and social partners. Thus, advocacy initiatives are aimed at raising the issue and finding solutions to priority problems in cooperation with government representatives and local governments.


These advocacy initiatives include the following areas:

- To create opportunities for the development of creative abilities of children of residential areas;

- Promotion of street lighting issues in residential areas - youth groups raise the issue of dark streets in terms of the safety of children and students who return from school in the evening;

- Another issue is providing electricity in the residential areas of the Bugu Ene-Bagysh.


The advocacy activities are being held on the following dates:

• October 30 (10.00 to 14.00): in Ruhiy Muras residential area - supporting the Children's Development Center (classes of creativity for children);

• October 31 - Ak Tilek residential area : setting up a center for children's creativity in the old building of FAP;

• November 2 - residential area Ene Sai: construction of a football field;

• November 5 - residential area BakaiAta: construction of a football field;

• November 13 - the joint action of the residential areas of Kalys Ordo, Muras Ordo, Kolmo and Zhenish: assistance in improving street lighting, transformer amplification and poles;

• November 14 - Bugu-EneBagysh residential area : provision of electricity to residential areas

• November 16 - Ak Ordo residential area : assistance in improving street lighting, strengthening transformers and strengthening poles for electrical wires.


These meetings are being held in the framework of a joint project of UNFPA, UNICEF and UNODC “Promoting social and gender equality to prevent conflicts in residential areas”. The International Public Foundation “Roz Otunbayeva Initiative” is the executive partner of this project.