Computer literacy Saturday School for Nookat region female teachers

November 12, 2015, 06:00

Two Saturday Schools for computer literacy for female teachers opened in Nookat Rayon with the support of The “Initiative of Roza Otunbayeva” International Public Foundation. School mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and information technology teachers made up the 60 teachers who attended in Gulistan and Toolos Village districts. Participants are 35 years old and above.

The Saturday Schools in Nookat Rayon are a continuation of the Osh City Saturday Schools for women. The computer literacy courses were organized for women living in villages based on the desires of the participants at the Osh Summer School. The Nookat Rayon schools were found through schools offering to provide their own computer classrooms for the Foundation courses.

The “Computer Literacy” course is dedicated to teaching professional skills for both those from MKT who have no experience with computers and those already possessing a working knowledge of computers through their professions.

The course is taught using many varied teaching aids, animations and video lectures to help teachers master the materials and tests.

The participants gain competence in working with a wide number of computer and office programs, learn computer and Internet terminology, and are introduced to the basics of computer safety and security and working with interactive smart boards.

The courses will be held every Saturday 9:00-13:00 from November 7th through December 6th in Nookat Rayon at the M. Bostonbaev Normal School and M. Gaparov Gymnasium School.