Music - the soul of the people: Tajik musical culture

November 13, 2015, 06:00

Musis – the soul of the people: Tajik musical culture


November 24th, 12:00


K. Moldobasanov Kyrgyz National Conservatory

Jantoshev St. 115, at the corner of Soviet St.


Free Admission


Where Farsi is now the main language, a dialect of Tajik used to be the heart-language of the region as well as being the language of the sciences, classic literature and poetry.


In the “Music – the sould of the people: Tajik musical culture” concert you will get to hear how the great Omar Haiyamjin and Saadi, Rumi and Ibn-Sina (Avitsenna) languages sound, watch the lissome beauty of Tajik dances, and be blessed by the sounds of Tajik musical instruments. The concert will be held this coming November 24th at the Kyrgyz National Conservatory at 14:00. This will be be the last of the Tajik musical culture concert-presentations in the “Music – the soul of the people” program.


The 2014-2015 “Music – the soul of the people” musical education program offered Bishkek residents and center guests concert-presentations on the musical cultures of Kyrgyzstan’s varied ethnicities: Korean, Karachai and Balkar, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Dungan, Uzbek, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Uyghur, and Tatars.


The “Initiative of Roza Otunbayeva” International Public Foundation, Kyrgyzstan People’s Assembly, and the Kyrgyz National Conservatory implemented the project along with the support of UNDP and UNESCO.


For information call: 660-384 or 0772-800-376. Detailed information can be found at the following site: