Bishkek will host the first Education Festival, aimed at drawing attention to the future of education for little Kyrgyz citizens.

April 11, 2013, 06:00

The first Kyrgyz Education Festival is planned to be held in the center of Bishkek on May18thand 19th, at 6 different venues simultaneously. The organizer of the festival is the “Roza Otunbayeva Initiative” International Public Foundation. 

The main objective of the Education Festival is focusing the attention of the citizens and the nation on the importance and priority of preschool, primary, secondary, vocational and extracurricular education, and to heighten children’s interest in educational projects. 

The two-day Education Festival promises to be grand event both due to its scale and the number of its participants. It will be simultaneously held at different venues: Ala-Too Square, Oak Park, the State Historical Museum, the Kyrgyz National Academic Drama Theater named after T. Abdumomunov, the National Center for Children and Youth “Sejtek”, “Ala-Too” Cinema and the State National Russian Drama Theatre after Ch. Aitmatov. 

The Festival territory is divided into 8 interactive areas (“classes”), where educational exhibitions, workshops, quizzes, contests and concerts will be held for two days. All family members will be able to attend the classes: “Education for All”, “Professional Forum”, “Book Swap”, “Bilimbek’s Laboratory”, “Fairytale Land”, “Sport Class” and “Concert and Theater Class”. 

Unique, in content and size, the exhibition fair of educational services (free and fee-based) of various children and youth centers, schools and vocational schools, studios and clubs will be open at the Education Festival. Additionally, citizens and guests of the city will be able to visit a trade fair of educational games for children, children’s furniture and clothes. A charity fair of products made by children will also take place here, the proceeds of which will be transferred to specialized educational institutions. Festival goers will be able to meet renowned children’s authors and celebrities of our country, who will read stories to children and share their childhood dreams. 

Workshops, discussion platforms and round tables may be of great interest for teachers and parents. Moreover, in each area it will be possible to take part in thematic competitions and plays, see performances and excavating concerts, buy or exchange children books and have fun together with the whole by family, digging out historic artifacts from real mounds of earth. 

“We want to draw the attention of parents, teachers, active youth and of the nation to the importance of education, and we hope that the first Festival will be a starting point for similar activities across the republic. Then, more and more parents will become interested in investments in the future of their children, and, as a result, we’ll be able to get a strong young generation,” say the organizers of the Festival. 

Educational institutions, children’s centers and shops, associations and non-governmental organizations, governmental agencies, international and donor communities, activists and educators (writers, artists, experts, professors, teachers, volunteers and parents), the media and everybody else interested in the sphere of education and future of our children are welcome to take part in the first Kyrgyz Festival of Education! 

Organizing Committee of the Education Festival: 

International Public Foundation “Roza Otunbayeva Initiative” 

Tel.: +996 (312) 66-03-82, 89-81-65 

Mobile tel.: +996 555 98-80-98, 0 551-77-26-67 


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