The “Step-by-Step – On the Way to Success!” Open Lecture Was Held

January 29, 2013, 06:00

Today, January 29th, at KNU named for Arabaev the regularly scheduled open lecture in the “Academy of Education” series was held, dedicated to the “Step-by-Step” educational program. The event was initiated and organized by the “Roza Otunbayeva Initiative”, and the lecturer was Tatiana Matokhina, “Step-by-Step” expert. Ms. Matokhina represents the Educational Initiative Support Foundation, which is a certified franchisee of the “Step-by-Step” program. The lecture program included not simply information on methodology but audiovisual material and practical exercises. 

In our nation’s educational sphere, “Step-by-Step” is a pioneer in the field of international educational initiatives and has been accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science as an alternative educational program for young children. 

“Step-by-Step” is an international educational program focusing on the early development of children younger than 10 years old that is actively involving families and society in the learning process. 

The program teaches life skills, based on a holistic approach to all areas of human development and the concept of constructive and interactive learning in a safe, friendly, child-centered environment.It combines innovative teaching methods based on the best educational theories and practices, in particular the development of children, and puts them in the context of national preschool and primary education. 

Currently 35 Kindergartens and 127 middle schools in all 7 oblasts utilize the “Step-by-Step” program and are united in a national network. 

Preschoolers and young students, educated with the principles of the “Step-by-Step” program and raised with critical thinking skills in later grades, are yesterday’s active participants in heated school debates and student government and today’s students of the nation’s leading universities. They are actively and successful leaders that are forming the youth policy of Kyrgyzstan. 

Press Service IPF