A training seminar for the Committee for Prevention of Domestic Violence of the Ivanovka Municipality was held

March 7, 2024, 00:11

On March 5, the second workshop for the Local Committee for Prevention of Domestic Violence of Ivanovka Municipality was held in Ysyk-Ata district, Chui region. The trainer reviewed the goals and objectives of the local committee with the participants. The participants worked in small groups and learned about the functions and powers of the subjects responsible for protecting and preventing domestic violence, as outlined in the Law on Protection and Safety from Domestic Violence. The training detailed the actions that each representative should take in case of domestic violence. For instance, social workers are responsible for placing victims of domestic violence in crisis centers. Each local committee can establish a memorandum of cooperation with crisis centers. Social workers should have contact information for these centers. The trainer emphasized that the medical examination of a victim of domestic violence is a crucial document that significantly influences court decisions in favor of victims of domestic violence.

The participants shared their experiences of working with victims of domestic violence and voiced problematic issues. For instance, employees of internal affairs and neighborhood policemen support reinstating the practice of detaining individuals under the influence of alcohol for 10 days. This is because many cases of domestic violence occur when a person is intoxicated. Chairmen of Neighborhood Committee and members of the Veterans' Council spoke about situations in which a woman who is a victim of domestic violence is not accepted by her parents and is forced to return to her abusive husband. It is crucial for women to have a profession and the ability to find a job, so they are not financially dependent on their husbands or other relatives.

The next workshop in Ivanovka Municipality will be held on March 12.

Workshops for new Domestic Violence Prevention Committees are being held with funding from the U.S. Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic as part of the "Increasing Gender Sensitivity of CPDV Members in Chui Region to Reduce and Prevent Domestic Violence" project.