Raising Gender Sensitivity of CPDV Members to Combat Family Violence

February 10, 2024, 05:53

On February 7, the final training workshop for the recently established Committee for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (CPDV) was held in Tokmok City.


The seminar covered important topics such as the rights of victims of domestic violence, effective interaction with victims of gender and family violence, and the psychological consequences of family violence. Participants also reviewed strategies for responding to domestic violence and assisting victims, including the format of emergency and regular CPDV meetings. To assess comprehension, participants took a post-test covering all seminar topics.


The primary responsibility of CPDV members, including police officers, social workers, teachers, lawyers, activists and doctors, is to be sensitive and able to assist adults and children who are victims of family and gender-based violence. Their role is also to contribute to the prevention of family violence through various activities and actions.


Since solidarity and community support are essential for the safety of every woman and child, it is hoped that the CPDV in Tokmok City will begin its work responsibly and actively contribute to creating a safe environment in their city.


The project, titled "Increasing Gender Sensitivity of Activists and Members of CPDV to Reduce Domestic Gender-Based Violence in Chui Region" is funded by the U.S. Embassy in Kyrgyzstan.