The Roza Otunbaeva Initiative Foundation and the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) are continuing their collaboration

October 25, 2023, 09:57

On October 24th, Roza Kaiykova, Executive Director of the Roza Otunbaeva Initiative Foundation, met with Mehmet Bodur, the new Program Coordinator of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).


During the meeting, Roza Kaiykova introduced the Turkish partners to the Foundation's activities and the projects it has implemented.


Since 2014, the Foundation has been closely working with the Turkish World Union of Municipalities (TDBB) and TIKA to organize exchange visits for teachers from schools and kindergartens as well as organizers of "Development Centers on Jailoo." Over the nine years of this project, it has reached more than 18,800 children, 6,500 parents, and 1,700 teachers. These exchange visits have provided preschool teachers in Kyrgyzstan with valuable opportunities to enhance their qualifications and learn new advanced teaching methods and child development techniques. The first trip took place in 2016, and approximately 70 teachers from Kyrgyzstan have since expanded and enriched their pedagogical experience, also immersing themselves in the rich culture and history of Turkey.


The Foundation maintains close contact with the teachers and educators who participated in these exchange programs, monitoring the application of the knowledge and experience gained in their practices. Almost all of these teachers continue to work during the summer as educators and teachers in our kindergartens on Jailoo. It is noteworthy that nearly 80 percent of the participants in these exchange visits experienced their first educational trip abroad in Turkey.


Mr. Mehmet Bodur expressed his interest in further collaboration and presented his vision for the partnership. Plans for cooperation and the provision of additional materials on the Foundation's projects were discussed during the meeting. After reviewing the projects implemented by the Foundation, Mr. Mehmet Bodur expressed his intention to visit the Foundation's office and familiarize himself with its activities.


We look forward to continued fruitful cooperation.


The Foundation's initiative, "Poetry Evenings," aims to support both established and emerging poets, fostering cultural and educational activities for the citizens and guests of the capital.