The Roza Otunbaeva Initiative extends its heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Karla-Maria Schälike

August 25, 2023, 18:13

Today, we received the sorrowful news of Karla-Maria Schälike's passing. She was a person with a compassionate heart and an unwavering love for children, particularly those with special needs. Throughout her entire life, Karla-Maria Schälike dedicated herself to serving these children.


One of her remarkable accomplishments was the establishment of the "Hope" Children's Rehabilitation Center. Through her vision, countless children with special needs found not only a place to call home but also the love, care, and warmth they deserved. Additionally, their parents discovered invaluable support and assistance.


While not widely known, it is worth mentioning that the principles of humane pedagogy found a home at the "Hope" Center. Carla-Maria and her team organized seminars on Waldorf education for teachers, held annual seminars for both teachers and parents of the center, and facilitated visits from esteemed medical specialists from Germany.


In this time of grief, the Roza Otunbaeva Initiative Foundation offers its heartfelt and profound condolences to Karla-Maria's family, friends, colleagues, and the children of the "Hope" Rehabilitation Center.