First Trainings of the Project "Tatyktuu Zhashoo - Life in Dignity" Commence

August 24, 2023, 21:58

In Kyrgyzstan, the specialized training seminars for the "Life in Dignity" project have commenced in the Ivanovka district. The project is dedicated to supporting targeted families and combating domestic violence against women and girls by enhancing their socio-economic status.

These training sessions are conducted based on the "Life in Dignity" methodology, specifically designed to foster harmonious relationships within families and mitigate instances of domestic violence. The "Life in Dignity" training program empowers participants to comprehend their core life values, advocate for equal opportunities, rights, and responsibilities for women and men, grasp the essence of gender equality, evaluate existing familial dynamics, broaden their understanding of women's and men's health, and cultivate skills that facilitate more effective dialogues. The training approach is grounded in peer learning principles.

Furthermore, humanitarian aid, in the form of food provisions, is also extended to the participants of these training sessions.

The uniqueness of the "Life in Dignity" methodology lies in its:

·       Emphasis on Skill Development: It cultivates critical thinking, analytical abilities, effective communication, relationship nurturing, and constructive dialogue.

·       Peer Learning Focus: The methodology relies on peer learning techniques, avoiding didactic teaching methods.

·       Gender-Centric Approach: Workshops are meticulously crafted as gender-transformative experiences, enabling participants to introspect on their conceptions of masculinity and femininity, their beliefs about appropriate gender behavior, mutual gender interactions, and equity considerations.

·       Empowerment Orientation: The workshops empower participants to autonomously determine actionable steps to enhance their relationships and overall quality of life.

Project Overview

 The "Roza Otunbaeva Initiative" International Public Foundation (IPF), in collaboration with the partner organization "International Alert," is spearheading the "Life in Dignity" project within the Ivanovka area of the Issyk-Ata district, Chui region. Generously funded by the Government of Great Britain, this project is dedicated to dismantling gender stereotypes and biases, curbing gender-based violence at the family level through behavioral transformations, and economically empowering families.