A new book published by the Foundation will tell children about football

August 28, 2020, 10:56

The “Roza Otunbayeva Initiative” International Public Foundation has published a new book for children. The book "From Pele to Murzaev" will tell children about football.


Football is the number one sport in the world; it is attractive not only for its entertainment, but also for its accessibility to everyone. Football is played in prestigious children's football schools at famous clubs and in Brazil's poor neighborhoods - favelas. The book describes the rules of the game and definitions of football terms, and  also the history of football and the history of the most famous players, stadiums, coaches, and even how teams earn money.


Football is the dream of hundreds of thousands of boys and girls, which can become a reality for every child. Love for football, diligence and perseverance will definitely lead to success.


The book was published with the support of the “Askar Salymbekov Foundation” and the Kyrgyz Football Union.



The book author is the famous sports journalist Ivan Marchenko.


The book can be purchased from the Foundation. Price 155 som.


Inquiries by phone: 0555004240