Former President of the Kyrgyz Republic Roza Otunbayevaheld a meeting at the I. Razzakov Kyrgyz State Technical University on May 27, 2013

May 28, 2013, 06:00

On May 27, 2013, former President Roza Otunbayeva visited the I. Razzakov Kyrgyz State Technical University (KGTU). President Otunbayeva was warmly welcomed by all the staff and students.


President Otunbayeva started her visit by reviewing the scientific achievements of the U. Asanaliyev Institute of Mining Activities and Mining Technologies. During the meeting, President Otunbayeva noted that geology is the image of Kyrgyzstan and that it is necessary to conduct outreach so that the people - especially the younger generation - understand the importance and prospects of geology. The mining and geology industries must be developed.


"They say that Kyrgyzstan is a poor country. We are poor only in the mind. We do not have enough good specialists. For example, in Estonia (where GDP per capita was $21200 in 2012), they do not have underground minerals. We have the entire periodic table, but our GDP per capita is $1200. We should properly use our mineral resources."


In the course of her visit, Otunbayeva visited the Institute for Electronics and Communications, where she was presented with the latest advances in communications systems and the latest methodological and training manuals in the field of electronics, and was shown the videoconference room, where Otunbayeva wrote her wishes in the guest book.


In the training and production workshop "Technologist," Otunbayeva was familiarized with the work of "Technologist" as well as with other laboratories and workshops: the milk processing plant, the meat processing plant, the bakery and pasta production plant, the microbiology and chemical laboratories, the heat treatment branch (Italy), and the conference room.


Answering students' questions, Otunbayeva noted that specialists in technical areas are always needed in the country. Today, IT specialists are needed across the world. They are very much in demand.


"I am happy that in a technical university, young women are studying IT and that they have the interest and desire to study in this area. What's more - the 21st century is the age of information technology. We must not fall behind the times."


To all the questions given to her, Otunbayeva responded with sufficient detail to satisfy all the students. Nonetheless, many more wanted to ask questions. Students were also interested in the activities of the Roza Otunbayeva Initiative. On that, Otunbayeva noted that currently the foundation is undertaking several initiatives in the areas of education, culture, and democratic governance, and is launching the mentoring program "Ustat."


At the end of the meeting, the rector, on behalf of the staff of KGTU, awarded Otunbayeva the title of "Honorary Professor of KGTU" for her special contributions to the development of education and science in the country.


In response, the former President said, "Receiving the title "Honorary Professor" obliges me to help and meet with you many more times. I call on all of you to strive for knowledge and all things new. We need energy and persistence. Today, having been in your university, I felt that you are introducing the latest initiatives in exploitation and technologythat give students opportunities to study, keeping up with the foremost universities of other countries. You have always been in the forefront. You have a renowned name. Keep ahead as before!"