Advance staging of Simul held in the Tunguch Youth Theatre

May 1, 2013, 06:00

The premier of a play with the mysterious title Simul will take place on May 18th during the First Annual Education Festival, which is being held by the “Roza Otunbayeva Initiative” International Public Foundation. After this, the Tunguch theatre troupe will present their new work at an international festival in China. For now they have decided to show their performance to close friends and compatriots. 

The new puppet fantasy was presented to the public by the People’s Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic, leader of the troupe and performance director, Jamal Seidakhmatova. 

“Lately I have thought quite a bit about why people relate so barbarically to the world around them. They not only rob and kill others, they destroy nature, shoot animals, burn down forests and dirty the seas and oceans. But everything on this planet is interconnected. We simply cannot exist without each other. I wanted to explore this theme,” she said. 

Simul is a unique artistic warning to people. The unusually title of the performance was coined by the people’s artists’ son: knowing that his mother was working on a new performance and searching for an appropriate title, he proposed the latin word simul, meaning simultaneous or together. 

"We must all live harmoniously on Earth. The Earth is our home and we are responsible for its defense. What happens when people forget this is what we tried to present in our musical puppet show,” the People’s Artist added. 

All roles in the performance are played by 30 members of the studio located in the TunguchTheatre. The group began working on their artistic skills and on the Simul performance in October of last year. In Simulthey play various representatives of the natural world and are, for the first time, presenting their work to the public.

"Vechernii Bishkek”