«All Kyrgyzstan reads books to children» caravan completes its work in Talas Oblast

September 14, 2015, 06:00

The caravan “All Kyrgyzstan reads books to children” organized by The “Initiative of Roza Otunbayeva” International Public Foundation with the support of UNICEF directed towards reading completed its work in Talas Oblast.


The Caravan started from the library in Kopuro-Bazar, Talas Rayon. Next, it traveled on to Ozgorush, Bakai-Ata Rayon, Amanbaev and Sheker villages in Kara-Buura Rayon and Kengesh, Manas Rayon. Although the weather was unpredictable and despite the snow, the kindergarten and first-grade educators gave us a warm welcome. Every meeting had its own special characteristics. The children were on the edge of their seats as they listened to fairytales and stories, and then chatted with open enthusiasm, answering questions, reading poems, singing songs and dancing.


The star of this meeting was Jyldyz Akaeva – a writer, a cosmopolite, and a lover of children. She read her own fairytales, showed her own dolls and paintings and generously shared her own new fairytale. The children listened with deep interest—nobody wanted to let her go. They are looking forward to the next meeting.


The educators and parents are grateful for this meeting. This project showed the way for developing a love of reading, taught children to delight in reading, showed reading can be done in so many different ways, gave the possibility of sharing influences, increased interest in libraries, and through this drew the community together. It was one great step in creating a worthy future for our country.