A mobile digital library eBlim visits the children on the Jailoo kindergartens

July 2, 2015, 06:00

In the remote villages of Kyrgyzstan, a mobile digital library eBlim was given permission to visit residents.

From July 6-12 and from August 3-9 the mobile library will be at the Jailoo kindergartens of the Son-Kol and At-Bashinskii regions in the Naryn district.

The mobile library, headquartered in a restored van, is designed to bring the knowledge and resources of the inhabitants of mountainous areas of Kyrgyzstan. The vehicle is equipped with portable computers and a database that contains more than 2000 text, audio and video resources.

The electronic database will allow users to print and download information on USB, DVD, mobile phones and other devices. The database contains thematic areas of interest such as agriculture, health, education, law, literature, movies, news, and educational materials for teachers.

In addition to digital resources, eBilim will also include children's books and informational resources that can be directly used by the villagers. 


For more information visit the site: www.roza.kg and by phone: 0 312 66 03 82; 0 558 67 88 99