Ustat Project participants visit an IT company

April 30, 2015, 06:00

On April 29, participants of the project "Ustat" visited an IT company where they were trained in information technology and learned the role of social media in the modern world.

The founder of Avisa Technolgies spoke about the importance of IT technologies and that a change in the user interface in the last decade and into the near future (before 2020) will increase the demand for specialists in this field.

Participants asked a specialist about the fields they see themselves in in the future. Girls expressed that they had dreams of becoming engineer-geologists, neurosurgeons, programmers, architects, managers, financiers, etc. The speaker explained that due to the introduction of technology into everyday life, the improvement of knowledge in the field of computer literacy enables users in any field to produce the highest quality results.

The girls showed a master class on how a web designer is paired with a coder, he sees on the screen designer, and what appears on the screen typesetter. During the master class in addition to how to build a website, the company's employees have shown what are the current resource template is easy to build surface features that do not require a deep knowledge of programming. He also showed how complex algorithms help solve complex mathematical equations.

The girls were able to ask questions about what developments have taken place in Kyrgyzstan, a career in the field of IT, and Silicon Valley.

Participants of the project "Ustat" wishing to become computer programmers in the future were offered a summer internship in a company where they will be trained on relevant areas.

After the training, the girls visited the CIT Forum 2015, held in the National Library.