Conclusion of the first day of the National Women’s Forum of Kyrgyzstan

March 2, 2015, 06:00

The first day of the National Women’s Forum of Kyrgyzstan on March 2, saw the attendance of over 1,200 participants from all over Kyrgyzstan. Throughout the day conferences were held at four universities and the National Library in the capital with the participation of ministers, parliament members, women activists and regional leaders, and representatives of international organizations.


The conference hosted discussions on the following topics:


1. The role and participation of women in political processes 

2. New challenges and the economic empowerment of women 

3. Access to justice: The right to an effective remedy and a fair trial 

4. The health of women and girls 

5. Education of women to build the state


Recommendations were made in five areas.


On the second day of the Forum (March 3 from 8.00 to 17.00), at the T. Satylganov State Philharmonic, there will be two substantive sessions that will summarize the proposals, initiatives, and programs of five conferences. There will also be announcements on the ideas developed through the gender and development policy strategy of the state in the period following 2015.


After dinner there will be an award ceremony honoring women achievers. Then there will be a concert with the showcasing the "Sarmerden" and musical groups from the all over Kyrgyzstan.


The Forum will be organized an exhibition of archival materials in the building of the Philharmonic and the National Library, will flash mobs, presentation of new books, concert performances. Forum delegates will be shown the film "Kurmanjan Datka" with the performance of the creative team of the film. In front of the Philharmonic will be deployed tent camp, where craftsmen from across the country deployed its products for sale.


Registration of participants and accredited journalists at 8.00. The central entrance Philharmonic.