First Lady Raisa Atambaeva proposes creating awareness and educational programs on reproductive health

March 2, 2015, 06:00

Kyrgyzstan has no obstetricians who work with children and adolescents, First Lady Raisa Atambaeva told the National Forum of Women in Kyrgyzstan on March 2.

According to her, children and adolescents need a very subtle approach. "There is no improvement in the amount of gynecological education in schools. In our study, in which teachers took part, we recognized that schools must include discussions about reproductive health. For example, students in grades 10-11 are not aware of the dangers of abortion and its consequences. They do not know about diseases or sexually transmitted diseases. We need to work in this area, there are large gaps "- said R.Atambaeva.

She noted that there is not even news programs on reproductive health.

"Sami teachers say that to begin classes on sex education need to grades 5-7. For example, I have been studying this issue in the countries I visit. For example, in Malaysia and Turkey, these programs start in grades 5-7. The next stage of the event will be in the creation of educational and information programs. Need to raise these issues. Yes, we need a few years, but we include ", - she said.

"I will take this matter under his personal control," - said R.Atambaeva.