Ustat project participants visit the K. Bayalinov Republican Library for Children and Youth

February 13, 2015, 06:00

On February 12, participants of the "Ustat" project visited the Republican Library for Children and Youth, the best library in Kyrgyzstan as of the end of 2014. Staff members conducted regular tours of the building for school children, detailing the functions and contents of all the rooms. The girls were advised to read more books, eliminate spiritual poverty and develop patriotic spirit through the works of writers such as K. Tynystanov, C. Aitmatov, J. and A. Bokonbaev Osmonov and others. The library has free Wi-Fi internet access, comfortable and warm reading rooms, and a nursery for the youngest readers. Also available in the library is a rich collection of books on various topics, reference materials, encyclopedias, classic audio recordings, videos and more.

At the American Corner’s Information Center, the girls were introduced to the resource center and its activities. According to employees, the Information Center opened June 11, 2008, with the financial support of the US Embassy in Kyrgyzstan. It contributes to the development of cultural ties between the two countries, while providing young people free access to information and a computer lab. The center provides free classes with native speakers. The girls were invited next week for a seminar on education in the United States, where there will be representatives of the youth movement AIESEC.

Special guests, representatives of ENACTUS, explained their organization to our proteges and advised them to take an active part in the projects of motion when they become university students. The girls were interested in whether there are similar for pupils what they were told that the team ENACTUS individual universities are working with teenagers too.