«Ustat» participants learn to skate

February 4, 2015, 06:00

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, protégés in the "Ustat" mentorship project visited a city ice rink on February 2, 2015. More than half of the participants skated for the first time. Experienced instructors from the rink discussed mandatory helmets while skating, as well as pads for knees and elbows, the correct way to tie skate laces, as well as the rules of proper skating.

If the girls began one after the other with slow steps, holding hands on the border of the rink, by the end of classes they confidently glided over the ice. This event strengthened the girls’ sense of team spirit and morale.

During the break, participants shared their impressions of their mentors. Arstanbek kyzy Kyzzhibek talked about how she and her mentor Linara Bikkulova, director of the "DKIB-Manas" branch of Demir Bank, visited the exhibition of exotic butterflies, as well as visited her companion Masadyk kyzy Alina from the 83rd school at the hospital.

Aizhan Talapbekova, an 11th grade student from School 21 shared that she has learned to do eyelashes and that income from cosmetic work allows her to earn enough to purchase things she needs. She also spoke about the proper care of the different types of skin on the face, hands and also hair.

The girls are looking forward to the next training and meetings with their mentors. Three months after the start of the project, we can confidently note the positive dynamics in the development of the protégés participants.