Ms. Otunbayeva’s trip to Talas, Jalal-Abad and Osh

February 3, 2015, 06:00

On a trip to the former President of the Kyrgyz Republic, the founder of the "Roza Otunbayeva Initiative", Ms. Otunbaeva, met with the Country Director of the UN Food Programme, Mr. Ram Saravanamuttu, representatives of WFP for the northern and southern regions, Raimkulova, Ababakirov, Khodzhaev, Aydarov, Arzanova, MZKR representative, Mamyrbaeva, Min.Sots.Razvitiya KR, Beysheeva, expert on the Forum ,Sultanov, Project Coordinator Kayykova, WPF expert Zhoodanbekov, and OIF specialist Daniar Sүyүndүk uulu.

During the trip on January 19-20 in Talas region, a new kindergarten called "Mөltүr" was opened in the settlement of Kara-Say village, Bakayyrskogo District, Kara Buura area. Also visited was Dүyshөbaev School, which has begun piloting the WFP’s "Optimization of school meals in the Kyrgyz Republic" program, as well as schools Batyrbashiev, Min-Bulak and Bakay-Ata School of Lenin-Bakay-Ata district. During the visit, participants were introduced to the project to improve school nutrition, and improve the quality of preschool enrollment. Meetings were held with parents and teachers from preschools and schools. There was also a meeting with representatives of Manas, Kara - Buura and Bakay-Ata districts, where the former President delivered a welcoming speech and told the meeting participants about the purpose of the visit.

In her speech, she spoke about the projects of the Foundation to improve school meals, the jailoo preschools, the importance of early childhood development, and announced the start of preparations for the summer season. She also noted the fact that last year, the Foundation held the first national children’s song contest, "Bobok ugu", whose results were alongside a collection of the winners’ songs in the Kyrgyz language. Ms. Otunbayeva noted that all preschools will be gifted the collection of songs. Furthermore, she told the participants about the upcoming Women’s Forum of Kyrgyzstan scheduled for March 2-3.


The following issues were discussed at the meeting:

1. On the purposes and objectives of the project "Promotion of state policy in the field of school meals in KR" The participants learned about the project and Coordinator Kayykova made a presentation of best practices in the Bakay-Ata and Kara - Buura regions. There was also a presentation from the main nutritionist of NTsOMiD MZKR, doctor of medical sciences, Mamyrbaeva.

2. Increase in the jailoo preschools to encourage enrollment in preschool education, a video showcasing the successful organization of the project by Coordinator Zhoodanbekov.

3. About "Stars Reading to Children."

4. On the issue of the collection of children's songs "Bobok ugu."

5. On holding a republican congress of women on "Promotion of gender policy in the Kyrgyz Republic.”


During the meetings, the former president KR Ms. Otunbayeva presented a gift to the winners of the international competition of art and reading, Karimzhan Islamzhanov, Risbek kyzy Aizhan from Kara Buura district) Shuspanovoy Nastya and Nurmambetov Aizat (student Wed. schools №2, №1 Talas).

In addition, made a working visit to the city of Talas in the group of short-term pre-school "Balazhan" in the school number 5 and "Balastan" on the basis of school №4. Met with a positive experience in training national traditions (beshik teach lullabies), involving parents to teach children to play chess, checkers, etc., attended boarding lyceum "Manas" im.Sh.Zhumagulova s.Ak-Say Talas region to see the progress of improving school nutrition.

During the visit on 21-22 January in Jalal-Abad region were visited kindergarten "Kelechek" in Kara-Kөl, "Jetkinchek" with. Kenesh Bazar-Korgon District, meetings with parents and teachers of kindergartens on improving the quality of training and preschool enrollment. Acquainted with the issues school feeding School. Bokonbaeva, Mr. Kirby Aksy district; School. Akparalieva, S.Aliyev-Buka, Ala-Buka district. A meeting was organized with the assets of Ala-Buka, Chatkalsky and Aksy districts. Were discussed to improve the quality of school meals and gardens on the issue of increasing jailoo to increase enrollment in pre-school education, "Stars read to children", on the holding of the congress of women on "Promotion of gender policy in the Kyrgyz Republic."

In addition, attended grammar school №11 im.N.Alykulova s.Keңesh, Bazar - Korgon district where all noted the initiative to the school for growing in pots in the school building herbs (dill, green onion, lettuce) for use in the school nutrition and development schoolyard farm where grown rabbits (starting with 6 goals, within 2 months was 30 goals). In grammar school №1 im.Makarenko parents in conjunction with local government bodies have contributed to the improvement of school infrastructure (water supply, acquisition of dishes, laying tile in the dining room). Held a meeting with the assets of Suzak, Bazar-Kurgan, Nooken, Toktogul districts and towns Tash Kөmүr, Maylysuu, Kara Kөl, Jalal-Abad. Were discussed to improve the quality of school meals and gardens on the issue of increasing jailoo project "Stars read to children", on the holding of the congress of women on "Promotion of gender policy in the Kyrgyz Republic." In Jalal-Abad also held a meeting with professors and staff prepodovatelskogo Jalalabad Gos.Universiteta (Jalalabat State University), during a meeting of former Kyrgyz President, Professor Emeritus of Jalalabat State University, RI Otunbayeva told about the purpose of the trip by region of the country.

January 23 at Osh State University held a meeting with faculty members and with assets of Alay, Aravan, Kara Gulja, Kara-Suu, Nookat, Uzgen, Choң-Alai districts and Osh, where he also discussed the above questions.

January 26 held a similar meeting with assets Alamedin, Chui, Issyk-Ata, Sokuluk, Moscow, Panfilov, Jayil, Kemin regions and Tokmok g with Plenipotentiary Representative of the RCC in the Chui region.

In addition, during the regional meetings with the public Beysheevoy ND - Head of the department of gender policy SEDESOL KR discuss the implementation of 12 areas of the Beijing Platform for Action in the Kyrgyz Republic for the period 1995 to 2014., Presents an analysis of the situation for the 20-year period of implementation of gender policy and identified the main problem aspects in the realization of the rights of women in the social , economic and political spheres and issues of access to justice for women.

Sultanov Rimma - coordinator of the Forum presented the main directions, goals and objectives of the National Forum of Women of Kyrgyzstan.

The meeting noted the importance of efforts and involvement of men in the promotion and protection of the rights of girls and women.

In all regions, the participants were representatives of the regional state administration, deputies of local keңeshey, mayors areas zam.akimov on sots.voprosam, heads of city and district education departments, heads of pasture committees, school principals, heads of kindergartens, the heads of regional and district sanepidemstantsii, head of aiyl districts, Board of Veterans, women's Council, youth Council, the heads of village health committees, NGO activists on children, parents and leaders - women activists. Just after the meeting covered about 1,400 people in all areas in which the meetings were held. All proposals and initiatives have been met with understanding people. At all meetings attended by authorized representatives of RCC in Talas Kurmanalieva KA, Jalal-Abad region Egemberdieva ZH.SH., Osh region Jenbekov northern latitude and Deputy Yusupov B.YU, Chui oblast Isaev KK, Deputy Urmanbetov ZK